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About JLMI


What is JLMI?

JLMI stands for Japanese Language Media Institute. The goal is not to become a perfect, near-native speaker, but an able, independent and well-rounded participant in Japanese culture. Our content is fresh, modern and based on current media and actual life experience in Japan. ▶website

Do you offer student visas for studying in Japan?

As JLMI does not offer courses for full-time study, we cannot provide student visas for studying in Japan.

About Our Courses


What Japanese levels are your courses for?

We offer Japanese classes for all levels - beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

I am interested in learning Japanese, but I have not studied it before. Do you have courses for someone like me?

Yes, we do! Our Beginner Course A and B are perfect for those who are just starting on their Japanese language learning journey.

Do you offer courses that focus on speaking?

Yes, we offer classes that focus on speaking skills for all three levels - beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

Do you offer JLPT prep courses?

While we don't offer classes that are focused solely on JLPT test prep, the content of our courses can definitely help in getting ready for the test.

What are the upcoming courses?

We have several courses starting in September 2021. All courses span a period of 4 weeks and consist of four 2-hour sessions. For details, take a look here. ▶Click here

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